About Maple Audio Works

First and foremost we are music lovers, doing what we do would be pointless otherwise. Aside from being music lovers, we are creators, inventors with a passion to see and hear the results of our efforts. It is our desire to continually improve, to bring more dimension to the music we listen to.

Our company is owned and operated by Gilles Charette and Bernard Tritz. Even though we both come from engineering backgrounds, we don't limit our research to theory and mathematics, we design with the ambition to listen, to hear what we are doing.

We actually come from very different engineering backgrounds, Gilles from a computer and network engineering background, and Bernard from an extensive electrical engineering background. Together we come up with innovative designs and where one may have weakness the other has strengths. As a partnership we couldn't ask for a better combination.

Finally, we are a company with the customer in mind, the customer always comes first, we offer a lifetime guarantee against defects on all of our products. We have a unique cable trade up program, where if you buy any of our cables you have a 3 year window where you can upgrade to a higher line cable with a conditional full value trade.

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Maple Audio Works is an audio cable manufacturer which provides top of the line products for the self-propelled audio oriented discriminating listener, at the lowest reasonable price in an informative, helpful and environmentally responsible manner.

Our Commitment

Our Clientele can expect sound advice and friendly services. We are a team of active audiophile. From the research and development team to the sales people we are devoted to the listener’s pleasure. The information and recommendation we provide will be knowledgeable, honest, and based on real listening experience. We have searched the world for quality products for all the manufacturing of our audio cables. Through your purchases and comments you assist us in deciding which item continue to be our line of products. We work hard to keep our price as low as possible.

Our Values

Our core purpose is to support people in achieving the benefit of audio listening quality.
Maple Audio Works is guided by the following values. They influence our conduct both collectively as a cable manufacturer and individually as team member of our company. We strive to have our actions reflect these values, demonstrate personal accountability and be publicly defensible.