I went to a guys place to review a power conditioning unit from Yugoslavia for fun (no money here). Also brought over my Natural ics, some Tranquility speaker cables and my Linear power cable. He had a home made Foreplay tube system (both pre and monoblock amps) and some DIY speakers as well as older MIT cables. Transport was an Arcam Alpha 8 cdp running digital out into a modded ART DI/O DAC and Tranq cables brought in more focus and better bass but after removing all the Maple cables in steps we found that re-introducing the power cable made the largest difference. Now his system isn't the most resolving one out there but funny how a simple power cable made all the difference - actually made the hair on my arm stand up with the increased bass response! A $300 pc made more of a difference than a $1400 power conditioner! Ron Davis (rgdavis@telusplanet.net)

I picked us a pair of whisper at Classic in Edmonton, and am I impressed! A steal for the price. They simply blew away the cables I brought in to judge them against, and at half the price! I think everone who hears them in my system will want some. Not just a small difference either, but a major one. Great stuff! Hope to talk to you again... Dennis Gerik (dgerik@telusplanet.net) Vermilion, Alberta

In regards to the PowerWise AC cables: All I have to say is WOW it helped so much. My wife noticed right away and I didn't even tell, she just said, "What did you do to the system?" I got caught doing the upgrade :)~. Can they make the power cables with out the female end on them? Tim McDowell (tim_mc@shaw.ca)

"I've been involved in quality audio components for the last 25 years or so. I had a tough time believing that interconnects, speaker wires, and power cords made much of a difference in a system...wire is wire right? Through experimentation with a wide variety of interconnect and speaker wire brands it became obvious that there was a very real audible difference from one wire to the next. I was satisfied with my system set-up using Transparent and Synergistic cabling although I suspected there were better cables out there, but I wasn't interested in spending thousands of dollars for what I thought would be a minor improvement. I had the unique opportunity to try Maple Audio's interconnects in my system, and was absolutely floored with what I heard. The Ambiance was ideal in my system, the improvements I heard were not subtle at all; my system went from enjoyable/revealing to truly musical! ! The change was similar to changing source components or your preamplifier, so much for wire being wire. The high end was very smooth and warm (much like switching from a solid state preamp to a tubed unit), with tight, authoritative bass. Hard to believe that an interconnect can affect the sense of space and timing, my listening sessions became quite interactive (lots of toe-tappin' going on). After several days with the Ambiance I didn't want to take them out of my system and was prepared to bite the bullet, cost be damned. Turns out the interconnect cost about half of what I thought it would, so I bought Ambiance cables to use between my Lehmann phono stage and BAT preamplifier, as well as between my YBA CD player and preamp. Like any quality component it takes some time for break-in before you hear their full potential and the true character is revealed. If you want to spend more feel free, but I'd suggest you listen to Maple Audio in your system before you take out a mortgage buying some of the more highly-touted esoteric cables." Jeff Logan (jeff.logan@voyageurtech.com)

My experience with Maple Audio Works speaker cables and power cords has been a very rewarding one. I was on the market for some new speakers until I purchased their Ambiance Speaker cable. Immediately the sound had become more defined, calm with a marked improvement in sound stage and imaging. Soon after realizing the sonic improvement from the speaker cables I purchased their power cords for all connected equipment. Again I was amazed the sound became much quieter and transparent. My projection TV and DVD player have both become clearer. The whole system has improved. My system is: Acoustat electrostatic speakers, Hafler XL-600 amp Carver CT-7 pre amp, Nacamichi CDC-4 compact disc player, Hitachi projection TV and DVD player, Monsterpower HTS2500 line conditioner. I am soon upgrading to their Ambiance interconnects for the power amp and compact disk player. Don L. (donl@powersurfr.com)

I recently purchased a pr. of Ambiance interconnects and am very pleased. Please get the testimonials going so I can submit a review. By the way, Omer is a great guy at OZ Enterprises. He loves your cables and sells them with great passion. Let us know when the Transcendence line is available. Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price. Sherod (Shermeng1210@cs.com)

Comment from Frank of FSAUDIOWEB...." I have auditioned many fine interconnects and speaker cables in my personal listening system. I have not heard any cable that sounds better than the Maple Audio Works cables. The clarity, dynamics, and smoothness is everything that I would expect from a world class cable. At the price "an audio bargain".

Just thought I'd drop you a line and tell you how much I like the beautiful Ambience interconnects you sent. Sooner or later, nOrh will ship the pair of monoblocks I ordered from them - when they do, I'm going to need another 2 sets of interconnects. I could go with 1/2 meter lengths. I'm using the meter pair to connect my old Technics to the Cambridge D500SE. The Cambridge is something of a disappointment. My old (7 years ago purchased used) JVC CD carousel is much better. So much for hype. If you have any advice about best performance/dollar CD players to go with your great interconnects, I'd be much obliged. Philip Levy (levylaw@adelphia.net)